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£75 per person (min 6 people)

Meat isn't the only thing you can cook in a fire!

Due to popular demand, we can now offer a bushcrafting and outdoor cooking day for vegetarians and vegans. Learn survival skills and how to cook a delicious meat free meal over open fires and on BBQs.


Lots of wild butchery or outdoor cooking courses around the country pride themselves on being anti-vegetarian. We believe everyone should be able to eat what they want without prejudice. Cooking non-meat items over fires outdoors is just as good an experience and we usually cook at least one vegetarian dish on every course anyway!


The only difference to our usual days is that the preparation time is not as long! Typically on a meat day we'll spend around half the day just preparing the animals. But this is obviously simply not necessary. So instead we do more bushcraft and wood carving... carve your own spoon, knife or spatula and take them home as a memento.


"Do you do any foraging?"... the simple answer is no. There isn't the time to do everything we want to do plus foraging is very limited to certain times of the year. However we can talk to you at length about this whilst we do other exciting things.


Contact us if you're interested in this.


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