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£150 per person

Skin, pluck and fillet wild game and fish.

Learn how to prepare the three main types of game: fin, fur and feather. Then experience the various ways to cook them with traditional fires, pits and oven, for a fantastic end of the day game meal. The morning is all about the animals (we do them all):











Filleting of fish and the various ways in which they can be cooked over wood fuelled fires... hot and cold smoking, planking and split stick cooking


Skinning and butchery of small game animals such as rabbits, hares and squirrels. We will discuss the seasons when small game is at it’s best, uses for by-products such as the skins and bones and various recipes to turn the meat into delicious and sustaining meals


Learn the various means of preparing feathered game such as pheasants, partridges, pigeons, grouse and ducks.


Every student will have their own animals to work on over the day.

(If you are happy to share, a £50 'couples' discount is available).

The afternoon covers different ways to cook them:


We'll show you how to cook various game recipes in our wood fuelled outdoor kitchen for the end of day meal. We will also be preparing a number of accompanying vegetable dishes.


All equipment will be provided but it is recommended that students bring a large cool box and ice blocks to keep their meat and fish cool and to transport it home once the course is completed.


Check out of Facebook event page for updates or email us if you have any questions or would like to book on.

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