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£200 per person

Learn to skin, butcher and cook your own deer

Learn how to skin and butcher a whole deer and go home with a lot of meat for the freezer. We will cover butchering of the animal into joints and then fine butchery, preparation of joints for rolling and stuffing. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious venison evening meal.


Every student will have their own deer to work on over the day.

(If you are happy to share, a 'couples' discount is available, no one has a freezer large enough for two!)


All equipment will be provided but it is recommended that students bring at least a large cool box and ice blocks to keep their meat cool and to transport the meat home once the course is completed.


This year we'll be doing a few Christmas Special days to get you ready for what many people (in my family at least) consider the biggest meal of the year! Give the turkeys and geese a rest and really wow your guests. Not only is it a great early Christmas present, but you'll walk away with enough highest quality fresh meat for even the largest of family gatherings.


Check out of Facebook event page for updates or email us if you have any questions or would like to book on.

Christmas Deer Special Events (click here for more info)

We will teach you the art of wild butchery, from hunting to eating.
All our cooking is done over wood and fires. Learn how to survive in the woods.

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