Wild Cooking Bath, Just add a dash of woodsmoke to your food

An experienced bushcraft instructor with a strong focus on stone age daily life and skills.


I offer demonstrations, talks, workshops and consultation on food, fire, hunting, shelter, equipment and day-to-day living during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods.


I come fully costumed, with a whole range of authentic equipment and tools to bring your event to life.


Activities offered:


• Fire lighting

• Wild food and foraging

• Hunting, trapping and snaring

• Butchery

• Food preparation and preserving

• Outdoor cooking

• Clothing

• Cordage and fibre

• Bark work

• Housing and shelter

• Skin and hide preparation

• Leatherwork


Guy Hagg is... The Bushcraft Guy
Foraging for wild foods
Starting a fire with traditional techniques

Past clients include...




Wild Cooking Bath




Butser Ancient Farm




Wilderness Gathering




Stonehenge Visitor Centre




Ancient Technology Centre




Blighty Bushcraft

Contact information...

Visit me on facebook or please email me at:               guy@thebushcraftguy.co.uk

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