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Meet Guy, your Bushcraft Chef.


I was fortunate to have grown up in rural Dorset and as a boy spent many weekends and summer holidays making shelters in the woods, cooking over open fires, running night lines for eels and catching rabbits.


With a nearby river and some small islands to explore this proved to be an ideal place. I developed a passion for fishing, outdoor activities and wildlife in general, which has stayed with me through my life. My Father was a keen country sportsman and so we always had plenty of game around, when in season, it being my job to skin and gut it.


Sourcing food from the wild, foraging for seasonal plants, catching my own fish and game and preparing it for eating, have always been great pleasures for me. Always trying to maximise the use from every animal caught. This has led me to tanning hides and using bones for items such as needles, fish hooks and awls. In sourcing food from the wild and any of my other outdoor activities I ensure that I remain sustainable, never taking more than an area can provide and letting areas rest until they recover.


After 28 years with the MOD I decided to follow my passion, step out of the public sector and bring the bushcraft and sustainability training and skills I have learnt to a different audience.


Guy's own website


In a supporting role... the Sous Chef's Ed, Jo & Lucy


In the background helping to make the magic happen is a small team of Sous Chefs to make sure your event runs smoothly and is as enjoyable an experience as it can be.


Foraging for wild foods
Cooking a pizza in a wood fueled oven
Starting a fire with traditional techniques

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